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Comfort Foods

How To Make French Onion Chip Dip

Wondering what to serve for your next party or gathering? Then serve your guests this tasteful and authentic French onion chip dip for an appetizing mood. It is easy to make but rich in flavor that can entice anyone to ask for more. You can even make a healthier one by using ingredients that don’t […]

Comfort Foods

How To Make Spicy Baked French Fry Wedges

Potatoes are used in many dishes around the world. They are rich in phytochemicals, Vitamin C, potassium, iron and zinc. They can also be eaten on their own by baking, frying and boiling. You can make mashed or baked potato which you can serve as side dish at your meals. French fries are the usual […]

Comfort Foods

How To Make French Dip Au Jus

A French dip is a sandwich. It has thinly sliced beef on a long, white roll. You can dip it in pan juices. The sandwich was an unintentional creation of Philippe Mathieu, a French immigrant in Los Angeles. He established Philippe’s in 1908 and the restaurant has been in business since then. One fine day […]