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How To Make Home-Made Granola

Granola is one breakfast food that’s hard to resist. The sweet and yummy taste and the chunky texture will make kids and adults hanker for more. Making homemade granola is also an effective strategy to trick children into eating healthier foodstuffs. Making homemade granola is so easy. Below are steps and guides on how to […]

Comfort Foods

How To Remove a Pizza from the Oven

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in the country today. You can eat it with beer while watching your favorite sports show, or you can create your own gourmet pizza that you can serve for dinner with your family and friends. No matter how you prepare your pizza and when you choose to […]

Comfort Foods

How To Make French Onion Chip Dip

Wondering what to serve for your next party or gathering? Then serve your guests this tasteful and authentic French onion chip dip for an appetizing mood. It is easy to make but rich in flavor that can entice anyone to ask for more. You can even make a healthier one by using ingredients that don’t […]

Comfort Foods

How To Make Spicy Baked French Fry Wedges

Potatoes are used in many dishes around the world. They are rich in phytochemicals, Vitamin C, potassium, iron and zinc. They can also be eaten on their own by baking, frying and boiling. You can make mashed or baked potato which you can serve as side dish at your meals. French fries are the usual […]

Comfort Foods

How To Teach History and Science of Popcorn

Many love popcorn. But aside from being an all-time favorite snack, it has a rich history and science. Children are definitely going to find it interesting and engaging. Here are some ways on how you can teach children about it: Guide children to construct a linear timeline They are definitely going to be thrilled to […]

Comfort Foods

How To Make the Ultimate Sammich

Samich or sandwiches are exciting to have because there are various filling combinations that can help you make unlimited recipes. Actually, there is no actual ultimate sandwich because you can always amend the ingredients to make your recipe better. In this article are steps and guides to help you make an ultimate samich example. What […]

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How To Easily Saute Mushrooms

Love mushrooms? There are so many different ways of preparing this sumptuous fungus, and one of the basic ways of preparing it is to sauté it. Read on for the easy instructions on sautéing mushrooms: Know what sautéing means. Sautéing is one of the easiest, speediest methods for cooking. It involves cooking food in oil […]

Comfort Foods

How To Make French Dip Au Jus

A French dip is a sandwich. It has thinly sliced beef on a long, white roll. You can dip it in pan juices. The sandwich was an unintentional creation of Philippe Mathieu, a French immigrant in Los Angeles. He established Philippe’s in 1908 and the restaurant has been in business since then. One fine day […]