How To Use a Salad Spinner to Keep Your Lettuce Crisp

If you love vegetables or you are health conscious, salad will surely be included in your daily menu. Lettuce is a vegetable that is always used in making vegetable salad. A salad spinner is used in preparing salad. It’s a plastic bowl with strainer used in drying salad ingredients.

This is very convenient for people who love making salad but hate the hassle of preparing it. There are different sizes and types of salad spinner but these are all used for drying salad ingredients. Some salad spinners have handles that you can manually spin for drying the ingredients.

Some have pumps that you need to pump or push down for the salad spinner to spin continuously. For these types of salad spinner, there is usually a button, which you need to press to stop the salad spinner. This serves as the brake of the spinner.

When preparing salad, vegetables like lettuce need to be washed thoroughly to make sure these are clean. These need to be dried as well. If lettuce is not dried properly, it may turn limp which will turn the salad bad. Lettuce must be fresh and crisp to enjoy your salad.

The salad spinner can be used to make the lettuce crisp for several days. A refrigerator is needed as well to make this possible.

Here are the steps on how to use a salad spinner to keep your lettuce crisp.

  • Prepare the things that you will need in a clean kitchen sink. Put the salad strainer on the kitchen sink and get your lettuce. Get a knife as well as dish soap and bleach.
  • Put one drop of bleach and dish soap on the salad spinner. The strainer should still be on the spinner. Get cold water and pour this on the salad spinner that has soap and bleach. Fill the salad spinner with it. Get the lettuce and use a clean knife to cut its ends. Separate the leaves so these are easier to dry. Swish lettuce leaves on the cold water with soap and bleach. Drain the cold water with soap and bleach then put the salad strainer with lettuce under the faucet. Rinse the lettuce leaves properly with running water.
  • Dry the lettuce leaves. If there are too many lettuce leaves, get some of these and dry using the salad spinner. Once dry, get another batch and dry these as well using the salad spinner. Do not put all the lettuce leaves and try to dry at once as the spinner will not be able to dry these properly. Once all lettuce leaves are dry, put these back on the bowl of the spinner and put the salad spinner inside the fridge.

If you want to make salad, get some lettuce on the fridge and use this for your preparation. You don’t have to wash and drain lettuce each time you feel like eating salad because your lettuce leaves are ready.

You will surely be able to enjoy your salad because the steps that you did will preserve the freshness of the lettuce and keep this crisp for the whole week.

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