How To Teach History and Science of Popcorn

Many love popcorn. But aside from being an all-time favorite snack, it has a rich history and science. Children are definitely going to find it interesting and engaging. Here are some ways on how you can teach children about it:

Guide children to construct a linear timeline

They are definitely going to be thrilled to find out about popcorn’s long history. Of course, you have to provide them with the significant details. They can create the timeline chronologically. They should be very particular when the events happened.

They can write it vertically or horizontally. If you want to make it more enjoyable, divide them into small groups. You can jumble the important landmarks and dates and let them figure out the sequence. The first group to finish the timeline wins a star (or a prize).

Invite them to read aloud a book

They can read some portions or some paragraphs, one after the other. You can use the important points to inspire discussions. As they read aloud, write down facts – names, places, and dates. Afterwards, you can elaborate on the concepts so learning is enhanced. You can give them a short quiz after the reading activity. Or, you can simulate a trivia contest of some sort.

Of course, you should zero in on the facts that were covered in the reading selection. There are a number of good books to choose from. First is the book by Andrew Smith entitled “Popped Culture: A Social History of Popcorn in America”. Then, there’s Tommie DePaola’s “The Popcorn Book” and David Woodside’s “What Makes Popcorn Pop?”

Encourage them to pen some popcorn ads

Challenge them to be more creative. Let them pretend that they are working for a popcorn company and they are tasked to promote their product. They should be able to invite people to buy their popcorn. They can think of a wonderful slogan.

Their slogan should be catchy and memorable. Below the slogan, they can add a short paragraph. They should be able to tell why their popcorn is the best in the market. They can do this individually or as a group. If necessary,

they can access the net for additional information. They can also incorporate some drawings or illustration to make their ads more attractive.

Finish the activity by asking them to present their ads. You can also post them and create a mini-exhibit so everybody gets to see what they have done.

Let them make their own popcorn

You have to find a popcorn popper. Make sure that it is safe. Don’t forget to include the cover. It is best if the cover is transparent so they can see through it when the popcorn starts popping out. Then, you have to prepare the ingredients, too.

You need popcorn kernels (about half a cup) and oil (about half a cup). It is also great if you can bring some salt. Guide them along.

Of course, there are other activities that can help you teach about popcorn. These are just a few of the exciting ones. Strive to emphasize why popcorn is considered as a great snack as you introduce the activities.

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