How To Open Pesky Pistachios

Pistachios are delicious and tasty “anytime of the day” snacks. Another plus about eating pistachios is that they are packed with a lot of health benefits for your body’ ranging from weight management to being heart friendly.

Pistachios even go great with desserts like cakes, brownies, ice creams, just to name a few. There is only one downside to eating pistachios: opening them. That is right. These very healthy and delicious snacks are very hard to open especially when the opening of its shell is very small and narrow.

There are multiple ways to solve this problem and the steps below will show you the correct way to open pesky pistachios:

Gather your materials

Before you can do this, make sure to buy a bag of pistachios to practice on. You can buy a bag of these in most groceries and super markets. Next, you will need a bowl or a plastic bag where you will put your trash in. This will make cleaning up after yourself so much easier.

Use your body

Start by opening bag of pistachios and grabbing one pistachio. The first thing you can do to try to open it up is to use your nails. Simply fit your nail in the small opening and pry it open. Make sure though your nails are not too long because this will cause them to break.

You can also try using your teeth by biting on the opening and forcing it open. For both methods mentioned, be careful so you do not break your nails or damage your teeth. Next, you can try pressing on the pistachio’s sides. Grab one pistachio and hold its sides between your thumb and index finger.

Now press hard on the sides to try and widen the opening. Once it is wider, you can proceed to use your nails. Or if it is wide enough, the nut inside might just slide out.

Be resourceful

So as to avoid damage to your nails or teeth or any other body part, there are other ways you can try. First, you can use something small to pry the opening open.

You can use a toothpick or those little small plastic spoons, forks and knives (try not to use your real spoons, forks and knives so you do not damage them). You can also use the discarded parts of the previously opened and eaten pistachios (use the one you did not throw in to the trash). Like the toothpicks and small utensils, simply insert the piece of pistachio into the opening and pry it open.

Some additional tips

First of all, when using your nails and teeth, be very careful so you avoid damaging them. Also be careful when you use silverware, you do not want to be eating food with bent utensils. Lastly, once you have opened the pistachios, feel free to enjoy them all.

After reading the article above, you now know how to open pesky pistachios. Now instead of eating the pistachios by themselves, grab some ice cream (vanilla or chocolate), put a couple of scoops in a bowl and top it off with your newly opened pistachios.

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