How To Make the Ultimate Sammich

Samich or sandwiches are exciting to have because there are various filling combinations that can help you make unlimited recipes. Actually, there is no actual ultimate sandwich because you can always amend the ingredients to make your recipe better. In this article are steps and guides to help you make an ultimate samich example.

What you need for this recipe

This recipe is easy to make. You just need two French refrigerated breads, melted butter, Italian seasoning, and your preferred sandwich fillings.

Put the breads onto the pizza pan

Bend the loaves according to package directions. Brush melted butter on the loaves. Put them in an oven it and make them golden brown.

Let the loaves cool for 15-20 minutes

Slice the loaf evenly in lengthwise fashion. Put your favorite toppings on the base loaf then put the top bread. Fill the center hole with your preferred chips. Attach toothpicks to hold the bread together if needed.

Serve your ultimate samich

This ultimate samich can be served as main meal because of protein and carbohydrates. This bread is homemade so guests and family members can easily add or reduce fillings as they desire. You can serve it with soda or juice. Serve it hot.

Tips in selecting the perfect bread

You won’t have a perfect sandwich no matter how exotic your fillings are if your sandwich bread is awful. Decide on what kind of bread you do want for your sandwiches. There are crispy edges, seedy, edgeless, brown, white, torn, cut, and immensely soft bread. Try different kinds of bread to understand their nature and to determine what fillings suits each particular bread type. Buy the freshest bread possible because there is a taste distinction if you’ll buy day old breads.

Different kinds of bread for your ultimate samich

Try wholemeal, multigrain and kibbled, rye, fruit, sourdough, hearth, flat, French, and bagels among others. Know the information about these breads before buying. Try them all to widen your knowledge about breads.

Tips in selecting meat fillings

Beef, chicken, and pork have varieties. Like, there are classic roasted chicken and fried chicken meat, which has different texture and taste. Know their varieties because you can use them in different ultimate samich recipes.

Tips in selecting sandwich filler

Some of the best sandwich fillers are onion roasted chicken, 3 cheese coleslaw, tofu, asparagus, aubergines, avocado, chip butty, chives, clotted cream or malai, cucumber and tomato, fruit and garlic paté, cheesy apple slaw, salmon smash, tandoori chicken wraps, roasted red pepper bagels and cream cheese, and creamy smoked mackerel among others.

Other ideas for ultimate samich

Try beef on wick sandwich, Bierock, club sandwich, Cuban sandwich, falafel, finger sandwiches for tea, French dip, gyro, hoagie, horseshoe, hot brown sandwich, the hot dog, Monte Cristo, Muffuleta, Panini, Crostini and Bruschetta, Philadelphia cream cheese steak, Pita, poor boy, Reuben sandwich, Runza, Schnitters and Sangers, Shawarma, Sloppy Joe, and Submarine among others.

Make notes each time you prepare an ultimate samich so you can repeat the procedure easily. Have your friends or family members taste your recipe. Get suggestions and comments to make your ultimate bread better. And don’t be afraid try new recipes. Nobody knows. You might have your own signature ultimate sandwich someday.

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