How To Make Spider Pretzels

Pretzels are among the most favorite snacks of all time. Kids and even adults love pretzels because of the delicate melting chocolate and the tender crispy crackers. That’s fun! But what’s more fun is if you serve them pretzels with a twist. Try spider pretzels. This recipe can surely enhance the fun and surprise of Halloween parties and even casual occasions. Making some spider pretzels is easy. Baking is not needed. Just follow the steps below:

Make a cracker sandwich

Use round crackers like Ritz for this. Spread a little of your preferred filling like softened cream cheese or peanut butter on one piece of a round cracker. Put another cracker on the filling make a cracker sandwich. Make as many sandwiches as you want. These will serve as the spider’s body.

Add the pretzels to the cracker sandwich

The pretzels will serve as the spider legs. Break a pretzel stick to your desired length. Make four legs out of the pretzel sticks. Add a little bit of peanut butter on a stick and then attach it on the sandwich. Do the same for the other three sticks. Repeat this steps until all the sandwiches have legs.

Make the eyes of your spider pretzel

Dab 2 spots of cream cheese or peanut butter on top edge of the cracker. Put on raisins, chocolate coated candies, nuts, or anything that can serve as spider eyes. Try to be more creative by using different ingredients for the eyes.

Refrigerate the spider pretzels

Doing this will harden the peanut butter. This helps for better sticking together of the spider pretzel parts.

Serve the spider pretzels

These are best with soda or chocolate drink. However, if you want a healthier alternative, serve them with 100% juice drinks. This will balance the nutritional value that the children will get.

More Spider Pretzel Ideas

Make these interesting pretzels more fun by considering the tips below:

Help children to make them

Put the cranberries, raisins, cream cheese, peanut butter, pretzel sticks, and snack crackers on a huge table. Let the children make their own pretzel spiders so they can better enjoy their party. Don’t forget to tell them to wash their hands before and after handling foods.

Make chocolate spider pretzels

Melt a bar of chocolate and then pour it in a bowl. Dip the spider legs into the melted chocolate. Attach the spider legs onto the crackers. Freeze the spider pretzels so the chocolate will harden. You may also heat the pretzels in a microwave for 5-7 seconds. The hot-and-cold sensation will create a wonderful taste.

Use whipped cream as alternative

Spray some whipped cream into a bowl. Dip the legs of your spider pretzels. Attach the legs onto the crackers. Freeze the pretzels for 10-15 minutes. Microwave the spider pretzels for 5-10 seconds before serving.

The spider pretzels will certainly be the star of your party if you follow the steps and tips above. Try also to use other fillings or coatings for your spider pretzels. Experiment and you might be able to create a better spider pretzel recipe.

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