How To Make Spicy Sauce for Tuna Tartare

Tuna is one of the most common and versatile fish meats for dishes. But usually, tuna is prepared as pan-fried steaks or as grilled belly. Tuna is also a popularly known ingredient in salads. Another interesting way to make out of tuna is tuna tartare. This is commonly served in fine dining restaurants.

The good thing about this is that it’s quick and easy to prepare especially when you crave for this dish a lot. Here’s how to make spicy sauce for tuna tartare.

  • Prepare the Ingredients. You need one pound of uncooked tuna, finely chopped. Tartare is done in such a way that you slice the meat thinly both horizontally and vertically. You also need two ripe avocados. Cut it in half to remove the seeds and then peel before dicing. Zest of one lemon, One-third cup olive oil, three tablespoons lime juice, three tablespoons lemon juice. For the zest of lemon, you can have it grated with small and medium holes. Also, you save more lemon and lime if you grate them first for the zest and then squeeze on a bowl so that it stays fresh. One red onion and one Serrano pepper, both finely chopped. One teaspoon of powdered wasabi. You can have wasabi paste as well. Two tablespoons of minced cilantro, you may use coriander as substitute. The rest would be one teaspoon each of soy sauce, hot sauce, salt, and black pepper.
  • Make the Mix. You will be needing two separate bowls for this and then mix together – one for the tuna mix, the other for the sauce. On the first bowl, combine tuna tartare, chopped red onion, and Serrano pepper in a bowl. Mix well until evenly scattered. In a separate bowl, pour the olive oil, the lemon and lime juice, lemon zest, soy sauce, wasabi, hot sauce, salt, and black pepper. Make sure you mix it well especially if you are using wasabi paste. The paste should distribute itself thinly to spread the taste. Blend the sauce to the tuna mixture and continue mixing. As you have mixed them altogether, put in the avocado last and then gently stir.
  • Serving Suggestions. Chill the mix for at least an hour in the fridge. This is best served when you eat it at relatively cold temperature. Place the mix in the fridge in a small and shallow container for faster cooling. This is approximately no more than three inches deep. Toast some French bread about one-fourth inch slices in oval shape. Brush one side with olive oil. No need to add salt and pepper as the sauce already captured the taste. One teaspoon per bread should be fine and add capers and chives for garnishing. It is recommended if you place a teaspoonful of tuna with some avocado so that it would create a chemistry of sweet, sour, and spicy taste. Another substitute for French bread would be baguette or you could use crackers to avoid toasting. When you have guests to taste your work of art, you can present it in a margarita glass and put a nacho as if you’re planting a flag.
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