How To Make Cooked Potato/Macaroni Salad Dressing

One very delicious meal is a homemade cooked potato or macaroni salad. However, one of the major components to potato or macaroni salad or any other salad is the dressing. The dressing will dictate whether or not the salad tastes good. You can serve a simple green salad with a very delicious dressing and no one would mind. The problem is that there should be a perfect marriage between what goes into the dressing and the amount of it. The steps below will show you how to make cooked potato or macaroni salad dressing:

  • Gather your materials and ingredients. Before you start making your dressing, assemble your materials and ingredients. For any potato or macaroni salad dressing you will need the following: quarter cups of water, vinegar, sugar, a teaspoon of dry mustard or regular mustard, at least half a teaspoon of salt and pepper (depending on your preference), a pair of eggs and two cups of mayonnaise (you can use the low fat mayonnaise if you are watching your weight). You can buy these in the grocery. Next, you will need a wooden spoon for mixing and big enough pot where you will mix your ingredients in.
  • Start cooking. First of all, grab your water, vinegar, sugar, mustard, pepper and salt, and mix them all in a regular sized saucepan. Let it boil. As it is boiling, beat your eggs in small bowl using a whisk. Next, remove the saucepan with the boiling mixture. Add the beaten eggs to it. Continue to stir the mixture while you add the eggs. Afterwards, bring it back to the stove. Heat the new mixture until it starts to bubble. Continue stirring it with the whisk.
  • Folding it in. Once it is bubbly, remove the mixture from the stove and place it somewhere else without heat. Fold in the mayonnaise to the mixture. Make sure to evenly mix everything in with the mayonnaise. Once stirring and mixing is over, set aside the mixture to cool. When it is not hot anymore you can place it in the refrigerator to cool. Afterwards add it to the salad.
  • Some reminders. When adding the seasoning (e.g. salt and pepper) just add according to your preference. You can also add more amount of mustard for stronger flavor. If you want to make more of the dressing, meaning you want to make a dressing that can mix with a lot of salad, simply increase the following: eggs, mayonnaise, water, sugar and vinegar. Make it three eggs, one-third cups of water, sugar and vinegar and three cups of mayonnaise. Again, you can use low fat mayonnaise if you are on a diet.

After you have read the article above, you now know how to make a great homemade cooked potato or macaroni salad dressing. However, to truly make it a delicious dressing, do not forget the most important, yet sometimes forgotten, ingredient: love. If you add this, then your salad will be a great hit in parties.

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